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Modular design

We can start by creating the perfect bricks and mortar store concept for you. Or we can start with your existing perfect concept from your architectural team.

We then design this into an incredibly innovative complete store kit. This flat pack kit can contain everything from the shop front displays, wall and floor displays, cash wrap and even the storeroom racking.

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Brand Builder Portal

The Brand builder portal is a powerful online tool that puts the power to build in your hands. It aggregates all the fixtures, designs, and templates that make your stores pop into an easy to access online portal.

It’s basically an online store to help you build your brick and mortar store “an online shop for your shop”.

Store Planner

Our Online Store Planner is a 3D design tool. So flexible we can layout any retail outlets from individual kiosks to 100,000+sq ft retail stores. Drag and drop features make 3D design easy.

Ikea revolutionized the home cabinet industry doing this, and we are doing it in the retail world. Virtual walkthrough view allows you to visualize the store before committing to full buildout. This removes risk in your designs!

We keep an inventory of all your designs and purchases so can track what each store has.

In a nutshell, we have given you “The Power to Plan” both your layouts and costings at any time.

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